Kindergarten Informational Technology (KIT)



The purpose of the KIT Program is to introduce technology to the Kindergarten students, develop their typing and mouse skills with computers and touch screen navigation with iPads.  Students work in both age and developmentally appropriate educational applications reflecting a Montessori standard.  Activities consist of independent study as well as collaboration with classmates.  The programs selected are used in conjunction with the Montessori curriculum and materials.


Children are placed in developmentally like, small groups and progress at their own pace.  KIT meets once a week and is instructed by Ms. Laura, who holds a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS).   Included in the KIT Program curriculum is the history of computers, an introduction to different types of technology and their parts, navigating through programs and applying prior knowledge in a technical format.  Applications used introduce students to new concepts such as problem solving with fine motor manipulation using a touch screen, computer programming, and digital storytelling, as well as enhancing lessons in science, geography, currency, time, sentence structure, and math. 



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