Tae Kwon Do classes are held  on Friday Afternoons at Garden Montessori School.

Martial Arts is a discipline that teaches a wide variety of life skills that children and adults need to excel in their lives. Our martial arts program teaches:

Self-discipline… through setting and attaining goals

Self-esteem… through earned achievement and handling oneself in a variety of situations

Respect for one another… through an emphasis on positive communications.


Children especially have a lot to gain from the martial arts practice at GMS Our program focuses on acquiring a strong set of moral values, developing an unbelievable non-quitting spirit, and being aware of possible unsafe situations.


Grand Master Jae Hak Lee


2010 Appointed U.S. National Demonstration Team Director

Saudi Arabia National Team Head Coach (1978 to 1990)

USA National Head of Team 1st Mexico Open

USA National Head of Team 3rd World University Games Referee Chairman of 3rd World University Games in Mexico

Referee of 5th World Tae Kwon Do Championship in Denmark

Best Coach Award in 7th World Tae Kwon Do Championship

Lecturer in 15th International Referee Seminar in Spain

Referee Chairman of 1st Mexico Open in Acapulco

Jury in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games; Qualifying Tournament

Director of Tae Kwon Do Sunshine State Games for Ten Years

2000 Jr. Olympic in Tae Kwon Do; Tournament Director


Master Vahid Smith


2004 National Demonstration Team member in the World Taekwondo Hanmadang in Korea

2005 Captain of the U.S. National Demonstration Eagle team

2010 Appointed U.S. National Demonstration Team Trainer

2006 Graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Exercise Science

2006 interned with the University of South Florida Bulls Strength and Conditioning Center

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