"Dr. Montessori believed that education is a preparation for life and not simply a mastery of intellectual skills."


This powerful statement was the catalyst in creating Garden Montessori School's goal to provide an environment filled with activities and materials promoting a thirst for learning, and piquing the interest of the children's curiosity about their world around them. It is a combination of the work and guidance of the directress that stimulates their desire to discover, empowering children with a sense of independence and self-esteem.


It is the objective of GMS to provide many opportunities for a child to develop social and emotional skills necessary for solving problems respectfully. We encourage using freedoms wisely to make good choices, help develop an organized approach to critical thinking skills, and finally, most importantly, nurture their love for learning.


Garden Montessori School (GMS) is a full member of American Montessori Society since 2008.

GMS is currently undergoing accreditation with American Montessori Society (AMS) as well as, The Florida Kindergarten Council and Florida Council for Independent Schools, in meeting all standards of excellence in accordance with national guidelines.


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Garden Montessori School, LLC, maintains an open admissions policy and does not discriminate

on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, or disability in its application process.

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