Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC)



Florida Kindergarten Council accredits preschool through age eight.  The Florida Kindergarten Council provides leadership, accreditation and professional services to member schools with exemplary early childhood programs.  GMS is proud to have received its FKC accreditation in June of 2013.


  The Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC) established in 1968, is comprised of independent schools dedicated to maintaining high standards in early childhood programs. An early childhood school accredited by the Florida Kindergarten Council embraces goals which provide for the total development of young children as its paramount consideration. A healthy, happy, and challenging environment, where children are encouraged to grow and develop to the best of their abilities, is created and maintained. Its curriculum is planned to nurture the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of each child.


The child’s early learning experiences form the foundation for educational success. Valid assessment tools are used to determine placement for each child in the educational program which most effectively meets his or her needs. An effective curriculum provides many opportunities for creative and cognitive learning situations which are suited to the maturational levels of young children.


Florida Kindergarten Council members recognize the great importance of the early years in a child’s life. A good beginning enhances a child’s joy of learning, which in turn results in positive and enthusiastic attitudes towards academic study in the future. At present, 162 quality schools are members of the Florida Kindergarten Council. All member schools maintain an admission policy of nondiscrimination.


FKC is a member of the Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools (FAANS). It is recognized as an official evaluative and accrediting organization for nonpublic preprimary schools of the State of Florida.


• Establish and maintain exemplary educational and ethical standards for the membership.


• Accredit schools with early childhood programs which meet the published standards of the Florida Kindergarten Council.


• Provide support services to member schools to include: professional development, shared resources, collaboration and accreditation guidelines.


• Make membership information available to Florida independent schools with early childhood programs.


• Disseminate and promote legislation, through the relationship with Florida Association of Academic Non-Public Schools (FAANS), for the protection of school patrons and for the elevation of standards for Florida Kindergarten Council schools.




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